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Best Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Best Chocolate Covered Peanuts and who doesn’t love chocolate covered peanuts! You can chocolate cover just about anything I suppose. What’s your favorite chocolate covered treat?

adminBest Chocolate Covered Peanuts
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Cajun spicy peanuts in shell

Cajun roasted peanuts in shell

All the flavor of New Orleans in our plump Virginia peanuts. Specially blended firecracker spices added to the crunchy, jumbo Virginia Peanut makes everyone’s taste buds stand at attention when eating our Cajun Peanuts!

adminCajun spicy peanuts in shell
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Best Jumbo Raw Peanuts

Best Jumbo Raw Peanuts – Get Your Peanuts, come and get your peanuts. Peanuts are the original American treat. Nothing is more American then snacking on peanuts the baseball game! But it does not stop there. Did you know there are so many wonderful foods and healthy peanut treats you can make with our jumbo raw peanuts?  Here’s a short list of peanut based, peanut infused foods!

adminBest Jumbo Raw Peanuts
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Raw peanuts

Raw Peanuts (Raw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts) available for those who prefer to use in there own special recipes. Available in Raw Redskin (with skin attached) and Blanched (skin removed). These raw peanuts have the shells removed and are ready to use. The flavor of our raw Virginia peanuts is perfect for your soups, bisques, consommés and purees! Popular in Thai dishes and many other authentic Asian cuisine.

adminRaw peanuts
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Hot Wasabi Peanuts

Hot Wasabi Peanuts pack a powerful punch; hot with lots of energy! Buy our wasabi peanuts by the 22 or 40 oz can. You may also order a case of 12 (12 oz cans) or larger. Click our Shop Now button to see all the wasabi peanut choices.

FACT: Did you know there is energy inside a peanut? Just about everything has potential energy stored in it. The problem is releasing that energy to be able to do some work. A tiny peanut contains stored chemical energy. When we eat them, the stored energy is converted by our bodies so we can do work. We can also use the energy in a peanut to heat a container of water.

adminHot Wasabi Peanuts
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Raw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts

Raw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts | Want to make your own fresh peanut butter at home? Try this great recipe. Shell the peanuts; roast just enough so that the hulls will slip off easily; remove all the hulls by gently rolling, fanning, and screening; grind very fine in any sort of mill, passing through several times if necessary; pack in cans, bottles, or jars, and seal if not for immediate use. Some manufacturers add a little salt and a small amount of olive oil; others do not, according to taste. For small quantities of butter a good meat grinder will answer the purpose. If the nuts are ground fine enough no additional oil will be necessary.

adminRaw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts
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Buy Peanut Brittle Online

Nothing is better than peanut brittle for that healthy quick pick-me-up snack! Who can resist the crunchy goodness of our famous brittle. Enjoy our Virginia peanut brittle. And if you are feeling adventurous in the kitchen department then try our famous plump Virginia peanuts in the delicious peanut brittle recipes below.

adminBuy Peanut Brittle Online
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Chocolate peanuts

Everybody loves chocolate. And recent news articles claim that chocolate is more effective for coughs than cough syrup? We don’t know about that, but chocolate sure tastes good! Enjoy our chocolate covered peanuts and try our famous plump Virginia peanuts in the delicious chocolate treats recipes below.

adminChocolate peanuts
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Holiday Peanut Gifts Ideas, Peanut Gift Sets

Holiday Peanut Gifts Ideas | Peanut Gift Sets | Party Peanuts |  Spice up your life. These are peanuts with a little attitude! One scoop and you’re hooked on the sweet, spicy taste of your savory peanuts.

adminHoliday Peanut Gifts Ideas, Peanut Gift Sets
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