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Raw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts

Raw Jumbo Virginia Peanuts | Want to make your own fresh peanut butter at home? Try this great recipe. Shell the peanuts; roast just enough so that the hulls will slip off easily; remove all the hulls by gently rolling, fanning, and screening; grind very fine in any sort of mill, passing through several times if necessary; pack in cans, bottles, or jars, and seal if not for immediate use. Some manufacturers add a little salt and a small amount of olive oil; others do not, according to taste. For small quantities of butter a good meat grinder will answer the purpose. If the nuts are ground fine enough no additional oil will be necessary.The flavor of our raw jumbo Virginia peanuts is perfect for your soups, bisques, consommés and purees! Popular in Thai dishes and many other authentic Asian cuisine.

One quart of milk, 2 tablespoons butter, 2 tablespoons flour, 1 cup peanuts.
Cook peanuts until soft; remove skins, mash or grind until very fine; let milk come to a boil; add the peanuts; cook 20 minutes.
Rub flour into a smooth paste with milk; add butter to the peanuts and milk; stir in flour; season with salt and pepper to taste; serve hot.

Take 1 pint of peanuts; roast until the shells rub off easily (do not brown); grind very fine; add a salt spoon of salt, 1 teaspoon of sugar; pour on boiling water, and stir until thick as cream. Set in double boiler and boil from 8 to 10 hours; set away and allow to get thoroughly cold; turn out. Can be eaten hot or cold. When sliced, rolled in bread crumbs or cracker dust and fried a chicken brown, it makes an excellent substitute for meat. A generous layer between slices of bread makes an excellent sandwich.

The Virginia Peanut Company is proud to provide you with a traditional style Virginia Peanut. All of our plump, meaty jumbo peanuts are hand cooked using the same methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, from tiny kitchen recipes made in small batches, with no additives or preservatives to alter the all-natural taste.

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