Garlic Peanuts

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A garlic lover’s dream! These jumbo Virginia peanuts are cooked in the finest peanut oil and seasoned with a special blend of garlic, basil, and onion for a spicy, punchy taste! Our gourmet Garlic Peanuts are perfect as an afternoon snack, and great to have on the side for every family meal. Enjoy a handful of this tastytreat with heart-healthy goodness in every bite.

Garlic Peanuts
22 oz. can 
Garlic Peanuts
40 oz. can 
Garlic Peanuts
12 oz. can - CASE OF 12 
Garlic Peanuts
22 oz. can - CASE OF 12 
Garlic Peanuts
40 oz. can - CASE OF 6 


Garlic Peanuts Ingredients : Peanuts, Peanut Oil, Salt, Garlic, Basil, Onion. May contain nut traces.

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