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Hot Wasabi Peanuts

Hot Wasabi Peanuts pack a powerful punch; hot with lots of energy! Buy our wasabi peanuts by the 22 or 40 oz can. You may also order a case of 12 (12 oz cans) or larger. Click our Shop Now button to see all the wasabi peanut choices.

FACT: Did you know there is energy inside a peanut? Just about everything has potential energy stored in it. The problem is releasing that energy to be able to do some work. A tiny peanut contains stored chemical energy. When we eat them, the stored energy is converted by our bodies so we can do work. We can also use the energy in a peanut to heat a container of water.

The Virginia Peanut Company is proud to provide you with a traditional style Virginia Peanut. All of our plump, meaty jumbo peanuts are hand cooked using the same methods that have been handed down from generation to generation, from tiny kitchen recipes made in small batches, with no additives or preservatives to alter the all-natural taste.

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