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Buy Chocolate Covered Peanuts Online

Nothing beats the taste of our jumbo peanuts drenched in smooth, creamy, rich chocolate. Enjoy these delectable tasty treats as a chocolate covered peanut snack. Shared our chocolate covered peanuts with friends and family. These make the perfect gift or add to your holiday table treats. Our Chocolate Covered Peanuts treats are a great healthy snack. Each serving contains heart-healthy fats, lots of vitamins, minerals, fiber and anti-toxins. Our chocolate coated Virginia Peanuts are sure to be a must have over the holidays or any time of year. Buy Chocolate Covered Peanuts Online

Virginia peanut company has a long tradition of growing the best peanuts in the region. Virginia Peanuts are the most sought out peanuts in the world for their distinctively unique taste and large crunchy kernels and have been grown in  south eastern Virginia since the 1860’s. All of our jumbo peanuts have been hand cooked using the same method and recipes for generations. Our chocolate covered peanuts are special in the size and taste and we are sure will be the tastiest jumbo chocolate covered peanuts you’ll ever try.

Also try our mix and match peanut gift sets and try our other flavors as well. When you buy chocolate covered peanuts add a can of our Cajun spiced peanuts and maybe try our sea salt peanuts to get a set of three. Virginia peanut company has a huge selection of seasoned and flavor peanuts. Try them all and find your new favorite!

Buy Chocolate Covered Peanuts Online

adminBuy Chocolate Covered Peanuts Online